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More then just links; these have been selected for their relevance by Che Baraka. The sites listed have been personally reviewed and are recommended for their great content, reliability, and relevant usefulness to our visitors.



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The Painter's Keys Art Directory

The Painter's Keys Art Directory is uniquely the most effective way to have a presence on the net. You can see why by simply googling someone who is represented in their directory. (Che Baraka)

Resource of Art Quotations

For researchers or artists just looking for inspiration this is the world's largest art quote collection--on line or in a book. (Che Baraka)

The Painter's Keys Content Archives

The archive contains every one of the Robert Genn Twice Weekly Letters organized in chronological order-... over the past six years. The archive ... contains selected, illustrated responses from thousands of ...prominent, working professionals and educators.

Internet Art Resources

Your gateway to art and artists, galleries and exhibitions. Up-to-date information on current and future art shows, emerging artists and world-renowned masters in the fine arts as well as modern artisans working in every imaginable medium, including wood, glass, metal and stone.







Che Baraka

Che Baraka's art is represented by the world's best and most reliable online fine arts sources

Che Baraka's original paintings and other works presently available as custom framed fine art reproductions.

 features Baraka and the most collectible and prominent visual artists of both the past and present.

Fine Arts America



"ART" - Google News

 Read, post, and inspire the world with your insight and wisdom. Go, and make your mark at these BARAKA BLOGS:

Languaging Culture and Being: The Baraka Artist Blog

Of Knotted Water




Che Baraka - Galleries




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