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"If  you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud."  ----- Emile Zola



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..for the collectors of Che Baraka's art (and those who wish to be) :

The increasing value and investment potential of Che Baraka's early paintings and recent works has been noted. To address that we've including listings of selected Baraka art works, detailing documented original sale, resale and auction prices.

We provide confidential contact with other collectors, galleries, and art institutions that own Baraka's work and wish to buy and/or sell.

Please direct your inquiries and requests to: Collectors of Che Baraka - Visual Artist

"Alimentando" (Nourishing), Che Baraka, 1983. Acrylic on canvas.


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We value our member's support and above all, their privacy.

We will never sell, trade or reveal your e-mail address. We will never send you anything,  other then the quarterly newsletter without your express permission.


Welcome to Baraka Artist!

Baraka Artist is an authorized web site created on behalf of the African American visual artist, Che Baraka.

Whether you're a first time visitor, artist, arts' researcher, student, African American art collector or arts' patron; we extend our sincere appreciation and thanks for your visit and art patronage.


The Baraka Artist web site is administered and maintained by; Collectors of Che Baraka - Visual Artist, a private not-for-profit group, comprised of art collectors, art investors and independent promoters of Che Baraka's works.

The Baraka Artist site provides you a unique comprehensive information and arts resource for this important African American visual artist, writer, and arts administrator.

You will find critical reviews of Che Baraka's works; links to his writings and upcoming projects; analyses of his major paintings, prints, drawings and other works of art in respect to their relevance within the context of art history. We've included compelling comparison/contrast references defining his position in post modernist art; and articles/essays by Baraka and other prominent arts critics regarding the continuing development of his art and those ideas that inform it.

Excluding lunch, there are some things that are really free

In order for us to get Che Baraka's authorization to create this site, his one contingency was that every visitor would be given absolutely free that which would be considered valuable to the individual. Furthermore he emphasized: "This applies to any and everyone using one or more of this web's interactive features."

Initially we expressed our reservations at the costs such generosity would incur. Honestly and frankly stated; two goals in creating the site was to increase the values of our collections, expand resale and auction profits

As collectors, of Che Baraka's work and investors in his exhibitions and art related projects, we derive significant monetary benefits from our involvement in those areas. This site was designed to provide, for a limited time, others the opportunity to join Collectors of Che Baraka - Visual Artist, and share in those rewards. We thought that was generous enough.

Baraka eventually showed us the light. Like his work and ideas he chooses to acknowledge the inherent value and grace of every human being.

We have come to share Che Baraka's belief that this site should give to its users evidence of our appreciation for their value.

"Some of us know that everything of true value in life is free. This wisdom makes us considerate of what others lack. This is one reason we occasionally pay for that which is most valuable to us. We pay the seller so as not to destroy the belief that his profit is the equal to our giving. Thus we aid the seller in avoiding the experience of that profound regret at knowing he sold away his right to the immeasurable profit one acquires by giving freely."

If money is the most valuable thing in life for you, rather then make it...try creating it. One really works and the other really works one.

---- Che Baraka

Buy, join, post, list, or just visit and you'll get the benefits of those efforts. Each site section you use or visit has rewards.

In addition, please feel free to download and share our expert and well researched articles, relevant links, and arts resources on; buying art, collecting art, art auctions, framing, selling art, art markets, art appraisals and much more...


The veracity of 'art for art's sake' is more accurately expressed as 'art for our sake'. ---- Che Baraka


We sincerely appreciate your visiting this site.

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We're adding content daily.

In the mean time use what works and we encourage you to use the email feature ( it's working) and send us any suggestions or features you'd like to see on this site :

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Online catalog of Baraka's original paintings and other works presently available as custom framed fine art reproductions. Che Baraka's art is also represented by the world's best and most reliable online fine arts sources: ART.COM and and feature the art of the most collectible and prominent visual artists of both the past and present.


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